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Associate Prof Dr Vellayan Subramaniam
Level 10, FF1 Building
Faculty of Pharmacy
UiTM Puncak Alam Campus
43600 Bandar Puncak Alam, Selangor. Malaysia

Phone: +603-3258 4701
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Research Group

Laboratory Animals , Parasitology, Microbiology and Zoo and Wild Animals Medicine and Sugery.

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Academic Position

  • Associate Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy , UiTM.
  • Guest Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Malaya.
  • Guest Lecturer, Universiti Sarawak Malaysia.








2nd Fulbright Professional Scholar at the                              Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, Veterinary College of Medicine University of

Tennessee and Knoxville Zoo, Tennessee, USA. Behind the scene visit to 26 Zoos, Aquariums and attended 5 major Zoo Conferences in the US.




1st Fulbright Professional Scholar at the Department of Zoological Services, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Florida, Dallas Zoos and Houston Zoo, Texas, USA. Working visit to 45 Zoos, Aquariums and Research Centers in the United States.




Working visit to Major Zoos in the United States




Capture and translocation of South African Wild Animals at the Southern National Parks and Kruger National Park, South Africa.




Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, UPM Avian Medical Centre, Sacramento, California, US. (Course in Caged and Aviary birds).




British Council Language Centre, Kuala Lumpur, (Speech Course)




Smithsonian Institution Washington D.C., U.S.A. (Zoo Biology Course)




Institute of Biology, London, United Kingdom.


CBiol., MlBiol


Universiti Putra Malaysia (formerly Universiti Pertanian Malaysia, Serdang, Malaysia)


Master of Science (M.S.) (By Research)


Madras Veterinary College, Madras (Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Coimbatore, India).


B.V.Sc.     (1st Class; Distinctions & Honors)

Research Area/Interest

  1. Bacterial and parasitic zoonotic diseases
  2. Animal Enrichment Behaviorist
  3. Exotic Animal Medicine & Surgery
  4. Training in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine and Husbandry
  5. Veterinary and Medical Parasitology
  6. Wildlife Anesthesia
  7. Zoo and Wildlife Medicine & Surgery  
  8. Zoo and Wildlife Nutritionist
  9. Zoo and Wildlife Parasitology
  10. Zoo Animal Enclosure Designs  
  11. Zoo Animal Husbandry and Management
  12. Thirty three years of experience in treating Zoo & Wildlife and teaching

Research Projects (Current)

  1. A Study of Cryptosporodiosis among Captive Wild Birds in Malaysia. (2009-to date).
  2. Simian Malaria (Plasmodium knowlesi). Study-collaboration with Universiti Malaya, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and the Department of Wildlife, Malaysia (2010-to date).
  3. The identification of Ticks and Mites of zoonotic importance in collaboration with the Acarology Unit, IMR, Kuala Lumpur (2010-to date)
  4. A study of Sarcocytosis from the bovines slaughtered at Shah Alam Abbatior, Selangor (2011-to date)

Recognition From Scientific Professional Bodies And Book Of Records


Scientific Professional Body




The Malaysia Book of Records Cert No : 2801 Record No : HW0302


Longest Serving Zoo Veterinarian (27 years 8 months)


Academy of Sciences Malaysia


ASM Associate


Fellow of Malaysian Scientific Association




Fellow of Nutrition Society of Malaysia




Fellow of Veterinary Association Malaysia




Administrative Duties (1981 to till date)

  1. Associate Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Puncak Alam, Selangor. (15th July 2013 – to date).
  2. Coordinator of Laboratory Animal Facility & Management.(Since 2nd January 2014 – to date)
  3. Associate Professor for Medical Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine, MAHSA University. K.L. (4th February 2013 to 12th July 2013).
  4. Guest Lecturer, Faculty of Resource and Science Technology, UniMAS, Sarawak. (2010 - to date).
  5. Guest Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Malaya. KL. (2009 - to date).
  6. Guest Lecturer, Faculty of Pharmacy, UiTM, Shah Alam,Selangor (2009).
  7. Director / Coordinator          of Laboratory Animal Care Unit (LACU), UiTM, Sungai Buloh (20th Dec 2009 to 2nd June 2012). Established the Unit for UiTM.
  8. Associate Professor for Medical Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine, Universiti             Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Shah Alam, Selangor. (Since 2nd June 2008 to 2nd            June 2012).
  9. Training for Zoo Staff and Industrial Training for Universities undergraduate students (1982 to 2008).
  10. Involved in the initial stage of ISO 9001 for Zoo Negara Malaysia (2000).
  11. Designed and establishing a Good Standard Zoo Veterinary Hospital at Zoo Negara (1995).
  12. Involved in enclosure designs; exhibit protocol management of animals in the zoo; nutrition; teaching and training of zoo staff including veterinary, animal science, biology, zoology, paramedical, medical, dental, pharmacy students and both local and overseas volunteers (1982- to 2008).
  13. Assistant Director for Teaching and Training - (1st July 2005 to 1st June 2008).
  14. Assistant Director and Head of Veterinary Services - (1st October 2003 to 30th June 2005).
  15. Acting Director - (15th March 2000 to July 2000 and 1st March 2003 to 30th September 2003).
  16. Assistant Director, Head of Zoology and Veterinary Services - (1st March 2003 to 30th September 2003).
  17. Head of Zoology and Veterinary Services- (1st August 2002 to 28th February 2003).
  18. Zoo Animal Hospital - (1st October 1981 to 28th February 2003). Includes hospital staff management and all clerical work related to a Zoo Veterinary Hospital.

Teaching Area

  2. 09.12.13 - Veterinary Pharmacy (Elective), Year 3, Pharmacy Students.
  3. 26.11.12 - Veterinary Pharmacy (Elective), Year 3, Pharmacy Students.
  4. 30.3.11 - Lecture on the Ethics of Keeping Wildlife in Captivity. 2nd DVM Students, UPM
  5. 3.12.10 - Faculty of Medicine, UiTM.
  6. 22.11.10 - Co-ordinator for Musculoskeletal System Module – Year 2, MBBS.
  7. 07.10.09 - University of Malaya. 8 lectures & 1 full day Zoo Visit.
  8. 30.09.09 - Guest Lecture on Veterinary Pharmacy (Elective) for Year 2 & 3 Pharmacy Students, Faculty of Medicine.
  9. 23.04.2008 - Lecture on the Anatomy Physiology, Nutrition, Husbandry, Disease and Medical Care of Non human primates, to Medical Research Officers and Medical Officers of the Institute for Medical Research (IMR), Kuala Lumpur.
  10. 06.03.2008 - Lecture on my experience as a Zoo Veterinarian for the past 25 years.   Delivered to Staff Members of the Institute for Medical Research (IMR), Kuala Lumpur.
  11. 23.11.2007 - Lecture on the Career as a Zoo Veterinary and Zoo Veterinary and Zoo Veterinary Practice for the 56th Symposium of the International Veterinary Student Association (NSA) held at Zoo Negara – Malaysia.
  12. 11.04.2007 - Lecture on captive upkeep of primates, diseases, husbandry, management and infant care for the Laboratory Officers of the Institute for Medical Research (IMR), Kuala Lumpur.
  13. 1.8.2006 – 20 Lectures delivered on 2nd Fulbright Scholar in the U.S.
  14. 28.6.2005 – Lecturer and Facilitator on Restraint of Primate for staff PERHILITAN at Zoo Melaka.
  15. 2004 - Facilitator for 2nd MAZPA, Field Training Course at Zoo Melaka.
  16. 15.10.2003 - Captive Tiger Management for Sunway Lagoon, staff and clinical DVM Students.
  17. 7.9.2003 - Talk to general public on wild cat conservation on the occasion of 40th Anniversary of Museum Negara, Kuala Lumpur.
  18. 07.04.2001 - Conservation of Malaysian species of wildlife with special reference to Sumatran Rhino, Sun Bear, Tapirs, Orangutans to the Staff of the Audubon Zoo, New Orleans, Louisiana, US.  
  19. 28.02.2000 - Management of Flying Fox at Zoo Negara Malaysia to the AZA Bat & Advisory Team, Lubee Foundation, Inc. Gainsville, Florida, US.
  20. 16.6.1998 - Lecture on the Veterinary Jurisprudence and Professional Responsibilities to the Veterinarians involved in Food and Food Animal Production at the Department of Veterinary Services, Shah Alam.   Organised by VAM and DVS.
  21. 9.5.1997 - Lecture on the use of Drugs in Wildlife Practice and Pharmaceutical Procedure adopted at Zoo Negara for 4th DVM Students.
  22. 1995 - Conducted guest lecture for 4th DVM Students on Exotic Bird Medicine.
  23. 1992 - Conducted a lecture on the Effect of Environment and Conservation on Urbanization in Malaysia for the Post Graduate Students at Universiti Malaya.
  24. 10 – 15th March 1987 - Conducted lectures on Deer Farming Course organized by the Department of Veterinary Services on the Breeds and Species of Deer at P.L.T.A, Cheras.
  25. 1982 – 1983 - Conducted guest lectures in the evenings on Wildlife Management and Diseases for Final DVM Students at UPM.

Membership in Professional and Scientific Bodies



(I)         LIFE

  1. Laboratory Animal Science Association of Malaysia (Since 2010).
  2. Malaysian Senior Scientist Association (Since 2007).
  3. Metta Hermitage Meditation Society Selangor and Kuala Lumpur (Since 2007).
  4. Friends of National Heart Institute (IJN) Association (Since 2004).
  5. Small Animal Practitioner’s Association of Malaysia (Malaysian Small Animal Veterinary Association w.e.f. 2001)
  6. Medico- Legal Society of Malaysia (Since 2000).
  7. Fulbright Alumni Association of Malaysia (Since 2000).
  8. Malaysian Society of Infectious Diseases and Chemotherapy (Since 1990).
  9. Malaysian Veterinary Association (Veterinary Association Malaysia w.e.f. 1989)
  10. Divine Life Society, Malaysia (Since 1985).
  11. Confederation of Scientific and Technological Association of Malaysia (Since 1985).
  12. Nutrition Society of Malaysia (Since 1985).
  13. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Selangor (Since 1985).
  14. Malaysian Association of Indian University Graduates (Since 1983).
  15. Malaysian Fisheries Society (Since 1983).
  16. Malaysian Society of Parasitology and Tropical Medicine (Since 1983).
  17. Malaysian Professional Centre (Since 1981).
  18. Malaysian Society of Animal Production (Since 1978).
  19. Malaysian Society of Applied Biology (Since 1978).


  1. Keratoconus Awareness Society of Malaysia (Since 2011).
  2. Malaysian Society for the Study of Obesity (Since 2000).
  3. Malaysian Association for American Studies (MAAS) (Since 2000).
  4. Malaysian American Friendship Association (MAFA) (Since 2000).
  5. Malaysian Scientific Association (Since 1985).
  6. Malaysian Society of Health (Since 1984).
  7. Malaysian Nature Society (Since 1983).


  1. Malaysian Medical Association (Since 2012).
  2. Alumni of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UPM (Since 2000)
  3. Alumni of the Madras Veterinary College ( Since 1979)



  1. Indian Zoo Biologist Association (Since 2010).
  2. Animal Welfare Institute, Washington, US. (Since 2000).
  3. Federation of Asean Veterinary Association (Since1989).
  4. Zoo Outreach Organization, India (Since 1988).
  5. Indian Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarian Association (Since 1988).
  6. World Federation of Parasitologist (Since 1985).
  7. Third World Academy of Science (Since 1985).
  8. Commonwealth Veterinary Association (Since 1978)



  1. American Primate Society (Since 2006).
  2. Elephant Managers Association (Since 2006).
  3. American Zoo and Aquarium Association (Association of Zoos and Aquariums w.e.f. 2006)
  4. American Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians (Since 2000).
  5. American Association of Zoo Keepers (Since 2000).
  6. American Rabbit Breeders Association (Since 2000).
  7. World Association of Wildlife Veterinarians (Since 1990).
  8. American Association of Avian Veterinarians (Since 1990).
  9. American Association of Zoo Veterinarians (Since 1985).
  10. Institute of Biology, London, UK (Since 1985).
  11. International Primate Society (Since 1978).
  12. Primate Society of Great Britain. UK. (Since 1878).


  1. South African Veterinary Association (Wildlife Section) (Since 1999).


  1. Tropical Parasitology Journal (2012 - to date).
  2. Malaysian Journal of the Veterinary Research, VRI Ipoh (2012– to date).

Selected Publications




  1. A)MASTERS THESIS (Full 3 years Research)
  • Vellayan, S.Chemical Composition and Digestibility of Natural and Domestic Foods of the Lar Gibbons (Hylobates lar) in Malaysia. M.S. Thesis, UPM, Serdang. pg. 1 - 233.




  • Nambiar.P., John J., Samah M.Al-Amery.,Purmal K.,Chai W.L., Ngeow W.C., Mohamed N.H., and Vellayan,S. Quantification of the Dental Morphology of Orangutans. The Scientific World Journal. Vol     2013. Article ID 213757, 1-10 pages.
  • Lau., Y.E .,Chang., P.Y., Vellayan,. S, HanY.N. Rohela, M., Ahmad A.F., and Mun Y.F., Genetic assemblage of Sarcocystis spp. in Malaysian Snakes. Parasites and Vectors. Vol 6:257: 1-6 pages.


  • Paramasvaran, S., Sani R.A., Krishnasamy, M., Amal N.M., Hassan L., Mohd Zaini S.N., Jeffery J., Santhana Raj C., Latifa. I., Abdul Aziz, Vellayan, S., and Selvanesan, S.

An Overview of Nematodes Infecting Urban and Wild Rats (Muridae) in Malaysia. Malaysian Journal of Veterinary Research. Vol 3, No 1: 15 – 21

  • Jeffery, J., Sulaiman, S., Oothuman, P., Vellayan, S., Zainol-Ariffin, P., Paramaswaran, S., Razak, A., Muslimin, M., Kamil-Ali, O.B., Rohela, M. and Abdul-Aziz, N.M.

Domicilliary cockroaches found in restaurants in five zones of Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory, Peninsular Malaysia. Tropical Biomedicine 29 (1): 180 – 186.

  • Vellayan.S., Jeffery, J., Oothuman, P., Zahedi, M., Krishnasamy, M., Paramaswaran, S., Rohela, M., and Abdul-Aziz, N.M.

Oxyspiruriasis in zoo birds. Tropical Biomedicine 29 (2): 304 – 307.

  • Vellayan, S., M.T. Yap.

Corona Discharge Therapy for a Malaysian Elephant (Elephas maximus hirsutus) Malaysian Journal of Veterinary Research. Vol 3, No 2:15 - 17.


  • Mariana, A., Vellayan, S., Halimaton, I., and Ho, T.M.

Ascariasis on pet Burmese python, Python molurus bivittatus in Malaysia.

Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine 4(3): 227-228.

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Morphometric Sex Determination of Milky and Painted Storks in Captivity.

Zoo Biology 30: 1 – 10.

  • Vellayan, S. Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center: Do We Need One in Malaysia? Academy Science Malaysia Science Journal Volume 5(2): 159 – 163.


  • Vellayan, S.Wildlife Conservation in Malaysia: The Current and the Future. Journal of Commonwealth Veterinary Association. Special Issue. 27 (2): Pg 166.


  • Baha, L., Vellayan, S., Effat, O., Sulaiman, A., and Noryatimah, M, D.

Sarcocytosis among Wild Captive and Zoo Animals in Malaysia. Korean Journal Parasitology Vol. 48, No 3: 165 – 169.


  • Vellayan, S. The changing faces of Zoo Veterinary Medicine in Malaysia: The Journey and the   Destination, Commonwealth Veterinary Journal 25(2):18-26.
  • Ryuichi, M., Yayoi, K., Boripat, S., Vellayan S. and Masaharu , H.

Genetic Variatons of the masked palm civet Paguma larvata, inferred for mitochondrial cytochroma sequences. Mammal Study 33: 19 – 24.


  • Tsutomu, T., Boripat , S., Vellayan S., Masaharu , H., Liang – Kong, L., Tatsuo, O., Norawat, R. and Ryinchi, M.

Molecular Diversity and Phylogeography of the Asian Leopard Cat, Felis bengalensis, Inferred from Mitochindrial and Y-Chromosomal DNA Sequence. Zoological Science 25: 154-65.


  • Ong H. K. Alan., and Vellayan, S.

An Evaluation of CHD – Specific Primer Sets for Sex Typing of Birds Features, Zoo Biology 26: 1-8.


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On the Occurance of Haematomyzus elephantis Piaget (Mallophaga: Haematomyzidae)   on the elephant, Elephas maximus indicus Cuvier – a new record for peninsular Malaysia. Tropical Biomedicine 16: 51-52.

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The Camel Nasal Bot, Cephalopina titillator (Clark), in the dromedary camel, Camelus dromedaries at Zoo Negara, Malaysia. Tropical Biomedicine 16: 53-54.

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  • Vellayan, S.

Diseases, Veterinary Medical Care and Preventive Medicine for Wildlife in Rescue Centers with special reference to Primates, Carnivores and Raptors. Zoos’ Print. Journal of Zoo Outreach Organisation Vol XIII, No.8: 33-38.


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Book/Book Chapters




  • Vellayan, S.

Veterinary Problems of Concern, Section V. Malaysia In Biology, Medicine and Surgery of Elephant. Edited by Murray E. Fowler and Susan K. Mikota. Blackwell Publishing. Pg. 457-460.


Management and Husbandry of Captive Malaysian Elephants (Elephas maximus hirsutus) at National Zoo, Malaysia. The Asian Elephant Ecology, Biology, Disease, Conservational and Management, Kerala Agriculture University.Pg. 75-77.


 Selected Awards




(A)        NATIONAL


  • Long Membership Award Certificate. Malaysian Scientific Association.
  • 19th January - Ahli Mahkota Kedah (AMK) by Duli Yang Maha Mulia Tuanku Sultan Kedah Darul Aman on the occasion of his 84th Birthday .


  • Outstanding Achievement Award – ACS Old Boys Association Klang – Trophy and Certificate.


  • 9th November 2006 - Rotary Club of Damansara, District 3300 – Vocational Service Award 2006-2007 – and a Certificate of Appreciation. In Recognition of Outstanding and Exemplary Work in tendering to Wildlife in Captivity for more than 25 years as well an Extensive Involvement in the Enhancement of Quality Veterinary Facilities and Services in the Malaysian National Zoo. The longest serving Zoo Veterinarian in Asia is also a well-known lecturer and Enthusiast in the Promotion of Zoology and Veterinary Medicine.


  • Meritorious and Services and Excellent Contributions Towards Achieving the Objective of Malaysian Professional Centre (BIM) as President 2002-2004.


  • Twenty (20) Years of Continuous Services Award Certificate and Cash RM500 from Zoo Negara on 27th August 2002.



  • 30th January 2000 - Pingat Jasa Kebaktian Negeri Kedah (PJK) by Duli Yang Maha Mulia Tuanku Sultan Kedah Darul Aman on the occasion of his 72nd Birthday.
  • 16 November 2000 - Anugerah Mengenang Jasa (Excellent Service Award) from the Veterinary Association Malaysia by the patron DYMM Pemangku Raja Selangor (Acting Ruler of the State of Selangor).



  • 7 June 1997 - Ahli Mangku Negara ( AMN ) by Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di Pertuan Agung Ke-X Tuanku Ja’afar ibni Al-Marhum Tuanku Abdul Rahim on the occasion of His Majesty’s 75th Birthday.


  • Awarded the certificate of MERIT by the Malaysian Society of Health outstanding contribution and for the promotion of health to the country 1994.


  • Malaysian Society of Parasitology and Tropical Medicine. Silver Medal.


  • Certificate and cash RM200.00 for being the most well Kept and Maintained Department for 2 continuous years (1992 and 1993), by the Malaysian Zoological Society (Zoo Negara Malaysia), Ulu Klang, Malaysia.


  • Malaysian Professional Centre Meritorious Service Award.


  • A rolling trophy and cash of $200.00 for the Best Worker for the year 1988, by the Malaysian Zoological Society (Zoo Negara Malaysia), Ulu Klang, Malaysia.


  • 2nd October 1987 - Malaysian Veterinary Association, in recognition for outstanding contributions to the Scientific Conferences - received at the 32nd AGM & Scientific Conference, at Hyatt Saujana, Petaling Jaya.






  • Madras Science Association, Madras, India - 2nd Prize for Inter-Collegiate Science Exhibition.


  • Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, India - 2nd Prize for Poultry Judging Competition.

Selected Research Grants


Research Project




Light and Ultra structural Morphology of zoonotic Sarcocytsosis among meat producing animals in Malaysia





  1. Supervised Thesis written by Degree Students (DVM, Biomedical Science & History):
    1. 2013: A Survey on Awareness of Pet Owners on Diseases transmitted from Pets (Cats or/and Dogs) and its Prevention.Cassandra Eva Charles. 3rdYear, BPharm, UiTM Student.
    2. 2013: A Survey on Interest and Knowledge of Pharmacy Students on Veterinary Pharmacy at UiTM, Puncak Alam. Florance Kolenus. 3rd Year, BPharm,UiTM Student.
    3. 2012 :   A Study of the Physiological effects of Ectoparasites in Budgerigars in the Langakawai Wildlife Park, Langakawi, Kedah. Charlotte Elizabeth Tang Xue Ting. School of Applied Science, Diploma in Veterinary Technology from Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore.
    4. 2012:   Health Management of New Zealand Rabbits in the Langakawai Wildlife Park, Langkawi, Kedah. Yee Shu Zhen.School of Appled Science, Diploma in Veterinary Technology From Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore.
    5. 2010 : Effect of Urban Development on Reptile Population, Chee Pei Hong Bachelor of Construction Management (Hons), Faculty of Engineering & Science, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, 2010 (co-supervisor).
    6. 2010:   Gastroprotective Effects of Tocotrienol on Aspirin – Induced Gastric Ulcers. Advanced Medical Student: Mohd Nor Syidiq Bin Rodzian. Faculty of Medicine, UiTM Shah Alam (completed).
    7. 2010: The Impact of High Flow Rate on Granular Media Burnt Oil Palm           Shell (BOPS) on Soil on a Filter Media in Treating Raw Water. Master Project: Noraini Mat Baiduri (co-supervisor). Matric No: 2009650512. Faculty of Civil Engineering, UiTM Shah Alam.
    8. 2008: Blastocystis in Animal as Animal Handlers. Faculty of Medicine for Medical Science Degree (2005 - 2008). Universiti Malaya, P.Jaya (2008 - 2009).
    9. 2008: Survey of Blastocystis in Animal and Animal Handlers at the Sunway Wildlife Interactive Zoo, Sunway Lagoon. Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Malaya, Petaling Jaya.
    10. 2008: Shell Abnormalities and Deformities of Chelonians in Captivity at Zoo Negara Malaysia and Zoo Melaka. Faculty of Veterinary Media, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang.
    11. 2008: History of Zoo Negara Malaysia. Department of History Universiti Malaya, Petaling Jaya.
    12. 2008: History of Zoo Veterinary Service at Zoo Negara Malaysia. Department of History, Universiti Malaya, Petaling Jaya.
    13. 2008: Hard Tick Infestation among the captive Zoo Animal at Zoo Negara Malaysia for all period of 25 years. School of Arts and Science, Tunku Abdul Rahman College, KL.
    14. 2007: A Study of Salmonellosis among captive Zoo Animals at Zoo Negara Malaysia for a part of School of Arts and Science Tunku Abdul Rahman College, KL.
    15. 2006: A Faecal Study on Endoparasite in Gastrointestinal tract of Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) in Captivity. School of Health Science, KUTPM.
    16. 2006: A Study on the Occurance of Strongyloides sp. infestation in Captive Lar Gibbon (Hylobates lar). School of Health Science, KUTPM.
    17. 2006: A Study on Endoparasites in the Gastrointestinal Tract of Sumatran Orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus abelii) and Bornean Orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus) in Captivity. School of Health Science, KUTPM.
    18. 2005: Intestinal Protozoa in Primates of Zoo Negara. Faculty of Allied Health Science, UKM.
    19. 2005: Hematology and Biochemistry Parameters of Orangutans in Captivity (Zoo Negara Malaysia). Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UPM.
    20. 2004: Gastrointestinal Parasitism Status in Captive Primates at Zoo Negara. Faculty of Medicine, UPM.
    21. 2003: Composition of Endoparasites in Feces of Elephants at the Zoo Negara. Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies, UPM.
    22. 2002: A Study of Reproductive Biology of Milky Stork (Mycteria cinerea) in Captivity. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UPM.
    23. 2002: A Retrospective Study on the Management of Orangutans at Zoo Negara. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UPM.
    24. 2001/2002: A Study of the Health Status of Primates in Captivity at Zoo Negara (1991-2000). Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UPM.
    25. 2001: Evaluation on Preventive Medicine and Medical Treatment of Felides in National Zoo over 20 year’s period (1981-2001). Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UPM.
    26. 1999: A Study on the Reproductive Status of Captive Asian Elephants (Elephas maximus) in Malaysia. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UPM.
  2. 1985 : Supervised Ph.D Student from France in Captivity Behaviour of Orang Utans, in Malaysia, 1985.




-          Travel Grant by Malaysian Scientific Association & Accommodation and Internal  

travel provided by Indian Science Association to attend the 92nd Indian Science               Congress held at the Nirma University of Science and Technology, Ahmedabad, Gujarat   India,2004; 98th Indian Science Congress held at SMR University Chennai, India. 3rd -7th January 2011 and the 100th Indian Science Congress held at Kolkata, India, 2nd – 6th January 2013.

-          National Land Finance Co-operative Society Limited Scholarship of RM4,300 in

2006, for internal travel in the US. – 2nd Fulbrigth Professional Exchange Program.

-          Veterinary Association Malaysia, Travel Grant RM2, 000 for Sabbatical Leave in

South Africa and the US in 1999 and Education Fund Loan of RM5,000 to attend 5

Major Zoo Conferences at the U.S. (2006) – 2nd Fulbright Professional Exchange


-          World Wide Fund for Nature Malaysia (WWF Malaysia) Travel Grant RM 8,000 for 1999 Sabbatical leave to South Africa and the US.


-          Commonwealth Veterinary Association Grant with accommodation to attend the 5th PAN Commonwealth Veterinary Association at Accra, Ghana, 21st to 25th March 2011.

-          Travel Grant with accommodation and food from Nandankanan Zoological Park,

Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India for the Zoo Biologists National Seminar and Workshop

on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee Celebration of Nandankanan Zoo (2010).

-          Commonwealth Veterinary Association Grant to attend the 13th CVA

Australasia/Oceania Regional Workshop at Apia, Samoa, 17th – 21st November 2008

-          Vijayashankar Foundation for the round trip air ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Knoxville

and back– 2nd Fulbright Professional Exchange Program, 2006.

-          FY 2006 Malaysian Fulbright Professional Exchange Programme. (Fulbright Scholar –

2nd time).

-          FY 2000 Malaysian Fulbright Professional Exchange Programmed. (Fulbright Scholar 1st time).





  • 28/11 - Radio Traxx FM (English). Highlighting Fulbright International Conference 2013. “Innovations in Health and Wellness for the 21st Century”. (40 minutes).
  • 27/8 - Radio Minial FM (Tamil News). Clinical Symptoms of Leptospirosis and its Prevention.
  • 20/8 - Radio Minial FM (Tamil).Health Care of Companion Pets in Malaysia (45 minutes).
  • 3/7 - Radio Traxx FM (English). Programme 101. Keeping of Exotic Pets in Malaysia. (45 Minutes).
  • 26/6 - Radio Traxx FM (English) Telephone Talk . The effect of hazes on zoo and wild animals. (10 minutes).


  • 22/1 - Radio 24, Bernama – 93.9fm (Malay) (Relocation of the Zoo Negara), 45 minutes. Answered questions from the general public.


  • 23/6 - Radio Traxx FM (English) My contribution and development of Zoo Medicine for Zoo Negara Malaysia and researches undertaken

(45 minutes).

  • 28/3 - Light Angle (English) – Voice of Malaysia (Overseas program for (RTM) Achievements as a Zoo Veterinarian for the past 27 years at Zoo Negara     Malaysia.
  • 16/2 - Radio 24, (Malay) Bernama – 93.9 fm – Wildlife Conservation and current   issues related to its integrity. (1 ½ hours) Arranged by the Malaysian Institute of Integrity.
  • 24/1 - Radio Minnal FM (Tamil) – Highlighting some aspects of zoonotic disease of domestic pets and answering questions from the general public (45 minutes).






  • 14/1 - TV2. Hello on Two. Treatment on Exotic Animals.


  • 23/8 - Astro Awani Channel 501. Comment on the Elephant Upkeep at A’Famosa Melaka.


  • 18/6 - TV3 Majalah 3. Animal Exchange Program with Singapore Zoo. Sedation, Medical Check-up and Transfer of A Sumatran Orangutan “Charlie’ from Zoo Negara to Singapore Zoo.


  • 26/5 - TV3 Majalah 3. Treatment of Pet Green Iguanas.
  • 12/5 - TV3 Majalah 3. Frogs.
  • 29/5 - TV3 (Bincang Petang). Advantages on keeping exotic pet animals.
  • 22/4 - TV3 (MHI). Save the endangered Malaysian species.


  • 21/10 - TV3 Majalah 3.Treatment of Snakes.
  • 26/7 - Astro Ria 2. Kerjaya Saya. Career as a Veterinarian. (Bahasa Malaysia).
  • 26/6 - TV2 City Focus. On the Zoo Hospital Museum.
  • 21/4 - TV2 Golden Kids Club. A day with the Veterinarian.
  • 08/4 - TV3 Majalah 3. On treatment and management of Hamsters.


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