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Name: Nurhuda Manshoor

Address: Level 9, FF3, Universiti Teknologi MARA Selangor, 42300 Bandar Puncak Alam, Selangor

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Research Group

Atta-ur-Rahman Institute for Natural Products Discovery

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Current Positions

Senior Lecturer

Academic Qualifications

PhD (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) UiTM, 2011

Master (Natural Product Chemistry) UKM, 2003

Bachelor Degree (Chemistry) UM, 2000


Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Analysis


Research Interest/s


a)            Chemistry of Dipterocarpaceous plants: oligostilbenes and other phenolic compounds.

b)            Development of modern methodologies in phytochemistry: Plants from selected families are studied for the isolation of new compounds through the application of modern approaches to the isolation of plant secondary metabolites without generation of artefacts. These include extensive usage of HPLC, LC-MS, CPC, and others.

Dereplication of natural products:

We are interested in developing dereplication strategy for rapid identification of closely related compounds in complex mixture. The compounds of interest are identified directly from a crude mixture by introducing the plant crude extract into the LC-MSn system. The fragmentation patterns are compared with those of anticipated pure compounds previously recorded and store in a database. Efforts are on developing a highly automated platform.

Metabolomic fingerprinting:

We develop and validate sets of procedure for fast identification of plant species based on mass spectrometric data. This requires an on-line hyphenation of HPLC and MS to record mass data of all plant extracts and chemometric application for data analyses. This analysis will highlight the correlations between plants species regardless their geographical origin, surrounding vegetation, altitute and/or other parameter(s).

Research Related Activities




Syamimi Hamid, Rohaity Ramli, Nurhuda Manshoor (2016). Resolving Co-eluted Oligostilbenes using Recycling High Performance Liquid Chromatography (R-HPLC). Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 10(16), 111-116.

Fatin Nur Afiqah M R, Rohaity Ramli, Nurhuda Manshoor (2016). Development of RP-HPLC Conditions for Separation of Oligostilbenes in 12 Dipterocarpaceae Crude Extracts. International Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemical Research, 8(12), 1929-1934

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Research Grants


(2010-2012)        LC-MS/MS Approaches to Characterize Oligostilbenes Directly from Crude Extract Mixtures

(2010-2013)        Use of Ion Trap MS as a Tool to Identify Closely Related Polyphenols from a Crude Extract

(2011-2013)        LC-MS Approach in Characterization of Oligostilbenes Directly from the Crude Mixture of Neobalanocarpus heimii Methanolic Extract

(2012-2014)        Fast Analysis of Wood Extractives for Authentication of Plant Species

(2012-2014)        Resveratrol-based oligomeric polyphenols from Dipterocarpus semivestitus (Dipterocarpaceae)

(2013-2014)        Scientific Expedition to Svalbard Island

(2013-2015)        Mass spectra deconvolution as dereplication strategy for rapid secondary metabolite identification

(2015-2017)        Unraveling the enzymes involved in dimerization of resveratrol.


(2011)   Linkage Development with Limoges University (France) For Quantum Mechanics to Solve Stilbene Dimerisation Determinism

(2012-2014)        Correlation between NMR Metabolomics and In Vivo Mechanism of Action of Antifungal Agents

(2012-2014)        Further Phytochemical Studies of Malaysian Uncaria via LC-MS-MS Dereplication Strategies

(2013-2014)        Exploration of Arctic Secondary Metabolomes

(2013-2015)        Correlation of Metabolite Profile of Ficus Deltoidea Varieties to Their In Vitro X Glucosidase Inhibitory Activity

(2013-2015)        Understanding of Methyl Jasmonate Influence on Synthesis of Kinsenoside in Anoetochilus formosanus in vitro Cultures

(2013-2015)        Phytochemistry Studies on Root of Centella asiatica

(2015-2017)        Elucidating of binding mechanism of a-glucosidase inhibitors using a combined molecular dinamics, STD-NMR and CORCEMA-STD


2016 Matsumae Fellowship (Tokushima Bunri University, Japan)

2014 Postdoctoral Fellowship (University of Geneva, Switzerland))

Postgraduate Students


1.            Ratni Suriyani Jalal (MSc)

2.            Siti Nursarah Zubir (MSc)

3.            Yusnita Alwia Binti Yusof (MSc)



1.            Siti Azima Abdul Muttalib (PhD)

2.            Noraini Kasim (PhD)

3.            Fauziahanim Zakaria (PhD)

4.            Rohaity Ramli (MSc)

5.            Fatimawati Lambuk (MSc)

6.            Shahmeen Alias (MSc)

7.           Mohd Yusrie bin Mohd Yunus (MSc)

Undergraduate Final Year Projects



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